A Mouth Full Of Carrots- How It's Coming

Weight Loss-

Sunday was day 4 for the journey and so far it's going great
( I loved having Sunday off and not having to workout, because it was hot).
There was something about Sunday though. Around 3pm I wanted to eat everything in site,
but I didn't cave and grabbed a back of carrots (while we played games as a fam)
and made it to dinner time.
Plus, I'm look forward to Zumba getting here soon.


The Boys-

Bradley starts his 3rd week of swim classes today and I'm so proud of him.
He is swimming and learning so much with each lesson. He
has the BEST teacher and makes the classes fun everyday.


I pulled Calvin from his classes. On the first day, he broke every rule I
give him. I'm not surprised. He is so like me!


Guilty Pleasure-

I have a lot of these and even though I should feel guilty about them, I never do. haha
I love watching the Kardashians (when everyone is in bed on Sunday night). I love weighing
myself to see if there is any change and when there is ... I give myself I high 5.
We live in an apartment and I vacuum after 6pm (having a clean floor makes me so happy).
I love having fresh flowers in our home...even though they die.


I'm A Planner-

I'm already thinking about what the boys will dress as for Halloween, what gifts to get the boys for Christmas
and what I will wear for the cover of that "special project"... I can't fully talk about yet ;)


 My Favorites Right Now-

Music- Pomplamoose, Sondre Lerche and The Boys Least Likely To
Mmmm Food- Orange juice, any kind of cheese and grilled onions
Movies- Dan in Real Life and Another Earth
Myself- Being organized, having a life long best friend (Mira) and my curly hair


Welp, that's it for today.
See you all tomorrow. Happy Monday.

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The Ark said...

Heidi, All sooooo you! Love, Mom