Spring break = Hell Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks with your kids???
My boys have always gotten along. I'm not joking... they really have. I hear moms say "I can't wait for them to go back to school" and that was never me. Something however snapped in the Sonboul home this last week...while home for Spring Break.

These two have gotten in more trouble then they ever have and every 5 minutes someone was hurt and crying. Needless to say... holy moly what a week it's been. I gave them things to do and we went to visit fun places. So it's not like they were bored. I'm a 100% believe that when kids get in trouble...they just need something to keep them busy. However this last week it didn't matter what I tried, they still fought and got in big trouble all week long.

I got to thinking and decided...this mama will be putting a stop to it! This is because even though we are in a new week, it's carrying over with the same issues. HELL WEEK you ask? Well I thought these boys needed to be reminded that we "their parents" have the last say and that I will not allow them to run wild. Hell week means, no TV, no games, not a mess allowed on their floor, no fighting, no wondering off at the store, no talking back and no anything else that I'll have to get upset over! They will be cleaning, homework, 5 minute showers, no playing around at dinner time, they may only read books for internment on down time, and they are in bed at 7pm! Basically no fun for 7 days and because I want them to see how much longer they have, I made a ring count down.

Daily, I give them 10 points and if they get down to no points...  they get in big time trouble ei: Have to eat something they hate or go to bed early. "Hell Week" is a name that the military uses in their last few weeks of training. They push the boys to be their best and so, I thought this strictness might work for "talking back" and "hurting each other" way too much!


Listen, I'm sure you might be thinking "she's crazy", but I don't care! I believe that parents rule the home and not sassy kids. Sometimes we need reminders for life's rules and that is exactly what this week will be. If they figure it out and start to listen better, I'll be nicer... if they push towards the naught, then I punish. I remember my dad doing simpler things to this and we all figured it out real fast. So here is hopping they do the same and figure it out. Yep they even did this last week...


So naughty right?! It's the window in their room. I'm sure it's going to cost over $200 to fix. We have the money to fix it, but it is lame that we have to fork out our money for something like this.  Today we are going through all the toys. It's "clean out time" and I will have no mercy! I'm sick of asking them to pick up the same things again and again and hearing "I can't find it". If they have too much stuff... no prob... we'll just get rid of things. I'm taking motherhood by the bullhorns and showing them how our home will be!

I'll let you know how it goes. Again, this behavior is normally not them and this is why I'm acting upon it so fast. This might be because Bradley is starting up "manhood" and is going through a "change", or just because they decided "nice" isn't cool anymore. Whatever it is... I will not allow my kids to be this crazy!
Wish me luck this week, because my patients will need it.

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Penny B. said...

We've done very similar in our house. I've packed up all of my son's toys a couple of times over the years and left only books for him to read. He's 10 now and although all punishment has had an effect it has always been temporary. He is a kid that will constantly push boundaries, yet is so sweet and caring also.

Parenting is a hard job for sure. I think the most important thing though is consistency and that you and your hubby act/react the same to bad behavior.

Best of luck.

Leslie said...

You weren't the only Cuppett who was less than fond with her children this week. Granted mine were sick which made them needy and sad more than disobedient but nevertheless, it was making me grumpy and overwhelmed and wanting to hirer a nanny and go back to work. It had me saying "motherhood blows!" on more than one occasion. Here's to a better week :)

The Ark said...

You go mama! Sounds all too familiar. What's that saying, "I said it would not be easy, but worth it" Hang in there! Each age group has it's own trails and challenges. You are a great mom! When they are on their missions they will realize what a very special mother they had and have!
Good luck with this week!

The Ark said...

Oops! Previous post was from Mom/Nana

leah said...

Not too strict at all. We've been dealing with something similar! They've always gotten along really well until recently... and we've been laying down the law, too.

Keep it up, mama!

Deborah Mahnken said...

Best of luck - I think it's an age in boys. The closer Thomas gets to ten the more they start bickering it seems. They are pushing every day! Hmm, if we clean out Rachel's room we'd need a dump truck! It's like the Bermuda triangle in there :)

Ashly said...

Good JOB!!! I know how tough it is. My daughter didnt want to pick up her toys over and over. It was the beginning of Nov. and I got fed up. I told her I was going to throw them away if I found them on the floor. She took the trash can herself and thew them away just so that she didnt have to pick them up. I gave her a chance to put them away again and explained if she didnt care about toys she wouldnt get any for Christmas either. No response. So she got no toys for Christmas. she got fruit snacks, a new booster car seat, a toothbrush, etc. but no toys. Everyone thought I was so mean, but I have not had any more problems in over a year. Nip it in the butt now!! Stay Strong :)

Kathy's Stampin Pad said...

bring it on mom, our kids get it too sweet, might just have to try it on mine

I'm just a simple gal said...

Hey, you're not crazy... you are doing what a good mom does. It will only help your kids in the long run. Good for you for making them realize who the parents are in the house. I will not have a litte sassy run my house either... yesterday, my two year old yelled back at me when I yelled at him and I thought, oh hell no! He ended up plopping himself in my lap, wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me a smile and kissed me. How is it that a two year old knows how to work it? I just can't believe it. lol. He's gonna give me a run for my money.

pinkalishious said...

I am so hearing you & feel your frustration..i have 2 boys too & a girl to throw in the mix!!..but stay strong bird!!
Sarah xx