Pranksters? Who me?

I grew up with 5 other siblings and it's safe to say that I love to tease because of it.
Every year that April Fool's comes by, I get so bummed because I forget to prank my little family.
This year I made sure to mark the calender.

First up:
I went to Michael's craft store the day before and  bought a box of plastic bugs.
On April fools day I glue dotted a nasty looking spider to the ceiling. Calvin saw it first and Bradley freaked out. After a few minutes Calvin figured it out. It was pretty funny.


Using the same box of plastic bugs, I put a roach and an ant in the boys PB and Jelly sandwiches. It was really funny when Calvin wouldn't eat his sandwich. Even though he knew it was plastic, the thought of a bug in his sandwich made him keep gagging. 

This is only for those diehard pranksters. 
Yep... I glued a quarter to our floor. 
Here's the thing, they are going to replace this floor in our apt.
So I wasn't feeling a loss for a nice floor... well maybe I feel the loss of my 25 cents :)


I got a glass of water and added red food coloring to the water. 
The boys love...LOVE Gatorade so 
I knew it would be an easy target.
The look on their faces was so funny. When they realized it was water 
Mr. Sonboul and I had a good laugh.


For a snack, I took a bag of chips and opened the bottom of it.
I dumped out all the chips and replaced them with
goldfish. Then I hot glued the bottom closed. 
The boys laughed hysterically over this prank.

Needless to say, April first was a great day for the Sonboul home.
Oh, I almost forgot. Bradley pulled two good ones.
1. He told us that he spilt his water (he always does this, so it was funny) and we fell for it.
2. It went a little something like this "Crash"... cry by Calvin..."Calvin just hurt himself".... "April fools". 

Oh I also tried the water bucket on Mr. Sonboul, but the boys giggles gave it away. 
P.S. Don't do that trick. It's totally messy to clean up. haha

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Di said...

You were and are still a lot of fun!!!

Diane Kappa said...

you are hilarious!

Diana Waite said...

sounds fun!

Amanda said...

Sneaky! I can only imagine what the boys will try to do when they get older... :)