Deodorant makes me feel old.

Without getting too personal...
Saturday I notice that Bradley had some 
I had a thought
"When do boys start wearing deodorant?"
I guess it just depends on how stinky they get. Well, 
This was an obvious answer for my son's pits.
I took him to Target and he picked out the kind he wanted.
I know that this isn't anything BIG to blog about, but
it just made me realize that Bradley is becoming
a young man. 
I guess this makes sense since he is turning 9 in a few months.
That even though he'll always be my baby,
he isn't a baby anymore.

Girls crushes and hormones are around the corner.
It's funny that turning 30 didn't make me fill old, but
having a son old enough to wear deodorant sure has.

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wendipooh13 said...

well guess who needs some also we just found out?? Austin, yup hit Target and got him some and he couldn't be more excited!!! LOL

The Sonboul's said...

lol Bradley was pretty jazzed about it too.

Diana Waite said...

I've got a boy that same age, SAME problem. He isn't so excited about wearing it...after his baths he has a pit check..yeah I know grose. But I have had to send him back to be more "thorough" my other son doesn't have a problem...I think his problem is that he is ALWAYS in a hurry and doesn't clean enough. I have a feeling though that he WILL be wearing it in the near future! :)

Katie Gelbaugh said...

It is a funny thing the way we notice time passing....I have a daughter about the same age....thank goodness she's not stinky yet!