My heart is almost full again. Bradley's up date

What a difference a good teach can make!
Bradley is truly loving this new class and on Fridays they do something called "the market".
Basically the kids make new things and bring old items they want to sell and the money comes from class work and turning in assignments. So fun!


It was a huge hit for this kid and loved learning about checks, selling, buying and money over all.
AGAIN...So fun!
Bradley sold these book marks that I made for him and a few other random items.
I'm so happy that he is happy and that he loves the new teachers.
Now... to just get him caught up from all the work he is behind (caused my the other teacher).


One more thing.
Thank you so much for all your support and thoughts on this matter. It means a lot to me knowing that we weren't the only ones out there with a teacher like this, or having to fight for your little ones. Bradley seems to feel better about himself and is showing signs is healing. My heart is almost full again.

Oh and PS... Bradley sold $46.oo student bucks. Not bad for the first time :) 

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karennarelle said...

i feel your pain. I repeated my son this year and changed his school. I can see the difference in him too.