Just call me a dork. I own it proudly!


It's safe to say that our family has been busy and going non-stop. To keep up with it all we have a new schedule to help. We all wake up at 6am, eat, do chores, get ready for the day and then head out. 
I love that it's working. I feel this extra help will slow down the growing rate of my gray hairs :)

Here is just a little look of things that went on this week. You'll notice all our names and under them I write the chores. Once they are done, we wipe them off. It's simple and it totally works with the boys. I can 100% tell you that kids LOVE schedules.
(Photo from 2/27/12)

Hey, did you notice the phone? It's our new house phone and it works! I couldn't be more in love. My sister got one a while ago and knew I had to have one. I love the old school ringing sound it makes and my boys think it's the coolest. What's funny is as a teen.... I hated this kind of phone. Oh how things change, because now I LOVE it so much. 
Just "CALL" me a dork.
I own it proudly!

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Michelle said...

I love the little piece of paper you added to the center where you used to put your phone number. We had the old rotary dial phones for a while. My grandmother paid extra once they were not used anymore to keep hers in service at her house. Hers was pink! LOL

curlyqmosaics said...

You are so right! When I was a teenager, I thought those phones looked hideous! I love it so much now too...vintage anything is fabulous as far as I'm concerned. TFS!

Nicole said...

lol, I noticed the phone right away :) You are a dork hehe... but a good dork :)