If i...

If I could take a class- It would be a dance or art class
If I didn't have to work today- I would lay in the sun, while the boys played in the sand
If I could buy Bradley and Calvin anything- I would buy them a puppy :)
If I could change one thing- I would be a size 8 again...I'm coming for you size 8!
If I could eat something right now- It would be ice cream... it's always ice cream lol.
If I could go anywhere- I would take my whole family to Ireland or France. Just because it's pretty.
If I had a million dollars- I would buy a house with an amazing backyard and a Land Rovers
If I could get rid of something- It would be Spiders forever. They gross me out! Thanks MR. Sonboul for always killing them for me.
If I could take a weekend trip- It would be a camping trip
If I could make one wish come true- I would wish for Mr. Sonboul to have just 1 more week with his brother
If I saw a mean dog- I would go the opposition way! RUNNING!
If I had a different career- I would be a singer
If didn't have to clean another thing... it would be the laundry


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akissonthechic said...

Love your list friend!! What a fun post! xoxo

Leslie said...

laundry is by far my least favorite chore and the one that NEVER ends! I hate folding it!!! I love how you said you wanted to be a size 8 and the next sentence was about ice cream. Ha ha. Oh the temptations of life :)

The Ark said...

Awesome! I love the one If I could make one wish--it made my heart swell and my eyes tear up! Love, Mom