what would Macgyver's Mother do?

I know just about every mom thinks this thought at least once. I've had it happen about two times now. I guess in 3 years that's not too bad. Ya know how it goes, you head to the store to buy a few things and then forget to get those little bags for lunches.

The other morning it was a mad rush around our home (getting ready for school) and I realized as I was making sandwiches... "OH NO, I'm out of sandwich bags?". I stopped and thought, what would Macgyver's Mother do? And as clear as a bell, I came up with a life saving moment (well at least a lunch packing life saving moment).


It's that simple. In two seconds you have a pocket sandwich and chip bag.
PS My boys thought this was so much fun for lunch.

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cnelson said...

Oh you clever lady you!

Rachel C. said...

Hey Heidi, it's Rachel at Perfect Day Scrapbooking in Huntington Beach. When you get a chance could you call me or email me? rachelc14@gmail.com THANKS!!!!!!

Tessa Buys said...

Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about doing this very same thing this morning! Only I was wondering if I could put baby carrots in one side and a bit of Ranch or some other dip in the other. Ha! Love it!

Diana Waite said...

AWESOME--totally inspired! Way to go Macgyver Mom!