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Having kids makes it really hard to celebrate New Years as the rest of the world does. This year for the first time I promised the boys they could stay up for it, which is a BIG commitment for me. Our boys are ALWAYS in bed at 7pm and are asleep at 7:30/8pm. I told them that I would let this take place..."IF" they helped us clean the house from 8am-5pm. Once we had them agreeing (I don't know what kid wouldn't ;) haha) we went to work on this list. I admit it... this was a little "Cinderella-ish" , but they make 80% of the mess in this home so darn it... they are helping!


Now you can tell that I'm a bit of a spaz about cleaning and I like to be organized. I find that it helps get more things done, instead of losing out on projects in between. I know this makes me look like I get high off of 409. I promise I don't. I just love things cleaned for the new year. I'm happy to say that we got most of the stuff on this list done. The others I can finish tomorrow and throughout this new week. Anyways, enough about cleaning.

The boys loved being able to stay up and Bradley was so excited to hear about leap year. I started to think that Calvin was going to give out at 9pm, but having a late dinner helped him get to 11:30pm. That last 30mins was all dancing like mad people-teaching the boys how to do the worm, playing games (Blokus - our new favorite game) and making noise. As soon as the ball went down, the boys headed off to bed. They fell asleep so fast that it has to be a record for them.

Tomorrow we will watch the Rose Parade and eat a yummy breakfast.
Alrighty, that is it for today. I hope you all had a great night and kissed the person you loved. We did this with the 4 of us :)
It was actually really sweet and I wish I got a picture of it.  Maybe next year.
Tomorrow I'll be back with a new layout using American Crafts ;)
It's a post about my revamped scrappy style.
See you then

The End

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