A redo on WLW

Month one was AMAZING for my weight loss goals and as you have heard... I lost 17lbs.
Month two was a bust. However I didn't eat hog wild (well... at least until the end of Dec), but there was a good reasons for a "not so productive" month. Mr. Sonboul finished P90X and wow his results were having me ripping his clothes off (I know TMI, but it's true) haha. The Monday after he finished P90X, his back started acting up. It then lead to him being in a lot of pain. We were supposed to start Insanity together that weekend and so I wanted to wait for him to get better. WELL, he never really got better. His poor back got worse and worse and on Dec 23 we went to take family photos. We were at the end of our photo shoot and then this happened.


It's the exact moment his back went out. It's sad that I have a photo of it (I was trying to get the lighting right at this moment), but you can see the pain on his face. We went home and when checking his back, I could feel his spine was swollen in the middle of his back (which is not a good thing at all). Lucky us, my Dad's chiropractor was able to come down and see him on Christmas eve. The nicest man ever! He was on vacation and took the time to see Mr. Sonobul. He did an x-ray and holy cow was his spine in bad shape.

After a few adjustments it helped him so much. We spent Christmas eve and day with him icing his back and taking it easy. He now has a two months commitment filled with check ups and adjustments. Needless to say, month two was a bust. I gained a little weight, but honestly I'm okay with it. It's life and I made it through Christmas without gaining a "ton of weight" or even all of it back.

Today I'm restarting and will go from there. Good luck to all of you starting your new years healthy goals. Stick to it and focus on eating the right portions for your body. I'm 100% sure it's why I made it through Thanksgiving and most of December. Today I got up and worked out and here is the evidence.

Talk to you all tomorrow

OH and happy 12 12 day (1-2-12) haha. We are going to do 12 fun things today as a family.

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