The wisdom of Zoltar

On the last night of summer break we visited the Santa Monica Pier. As we wrapped up the fun experience and where heading back to the car, I saw this gem out of the corner of my eye. Mr. Sonboul dug in his pockets and gave the money to Bradley. Bradley really didn't know what it was until we said "He is a fortune reader", to which he became very interested in it. 
The money sucked in and out came this

Know, I don't believe in Fortune telling, but I think it's fun to try at least once. When Jason and I got this card we just laughed. Bradley is such a talker and I loved that it said "Yes my friend, your greatest fault is that you talk too much". haha

This was a fun and magical end to our summer, just like in the Movie BIG

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Michelle said...

That is too funny! Big is one of my favorite movies too!