What gives you motivation?

It's safe to say that motivation gives us a big boost in losing weight! In fact I love working out and seeing someone go by in the size I desire to be. That just makes me want to work out harder. I know I'm a dork, but it totally works for me.

Anyways, here is my newest video all about motivation.

Check out these two blogs. I talked about them in the video:

Emily Jones is amazingly beautiful, in great shape for having 4 kiddos and her home is to die for. She truly has been inspiring me lately.

Drew at Fit 2 fat 2 fit is amazingly motivating! When you see his before and after photo of eating crappy for 6 months it's shocking! Seeing what fast food can do in 6 months has really helped my walk away from a lot of it! Just check out this photo


6 months people...6 months! 
Good luck this week to all of you and remember to find your inspiration. Use it this Thanksgiving Day.

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Seph said...

Okay, those two pictures grossed me out big time. You normally get to see them the other way around!
This way it is even more shocking.

What motivated me is seeing the result of day by day self-improvement.
I'm writing a blog on self-discipline, which is key when it comes to increasing your productivity.

Maybe you will like to read some about it on my blog?