Action photos

I love action shots of the boys. While enjoying our back to school dinner tradition, I caught this small moment in time. Sure poppers are nowhere near the newest thing on the block, but when you slow down time and capture the moment... the surprise on the poppers face is so worth it. 

Take a look at photo number one- It's the face of build up. haha I love this face
Photo number two and three is seeing it pop and the face of joy
Then the last photo is coming down from the excitement 


If you ever get the chance... take action photos. They are so worth it and it helps document a child's personality. I decided to scrapbook these photos using Garden Cafe from American Crafts. Using bold prints gives it a masculine feel, which allowed me to use a small touch of flowers and scallops.

One last thing...
Keep a look out for this coming post. It's a good one if you live in an apartment and are always looks for new ways to use your small space well.

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I love, love, love, love this layout. No wait. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love this layout.