checking it off


So, we've checke off more stuff from our summer list. We watched all the old Harry Potter movies(they are so good) and Jason and I are going on a date this week to watch the last one. I'm so excited about that date!

Calvin had a little party, We had cousin Spencer Spend the night for almost a whole week (6 days), we've made more smoothies then I can count-yum! AND we played in a bouncer at Shemaine Smith's daughter's birthday party.

This next week and the 4th week of this month we have so many fun things planned. We will be crossing off most of the rest of these items :) WOOHOO summer! I can't believe it's almost over and that Bradley goes back to school in less then a month. However, I look forward to school shopping and new fall clothes.

OH plus, I've lost 5 more lbs and to celebrate it...these beauties are on the way to me.

these are all from Old Navy :)
These creamy tons make me very happy!

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Leslie said...

I want to know when the 'visit Arizona' one is going to happen??? :)

Gina Lideros said...

congrats on losing 5 more pounds! I love those clothing choices.