4 more months

I can't believe that in 4 more months I'm turning 30!
I've spent this last year reevaluating everything in my life. I've been cutting out stress and taking the time to enjoy life. So far, it's been an amazing journey and I've learned so much about myself.

A long time ago I heard Oprah say "The 20's are spent on partying and exploring. The 30's are spent trying to figure out "who you are" and the 40's... you stop caring about what others might say and are finally comfortable in your skin".

When I heard that I thought... WHY do I have to wait until I'm 40? that's nonsense! I want to have it together at 30!!!!

I'm 4 months from being 30 and I feel more confident in myself and I can honestly say I love me :) To celebrate my last 4 months of being in my 20's, I made this quick layout. lol I'm not sure why I used this picture, but I loved it. I took it one day while painting mustaches on the boys and I. The journaling says

"My 30th birthday is just around the corner... just 4 months away. I can't believe how fast my 29th year is going and so far my check list is coming along great!

One) Be silly and play with my boys more
Two) Be a better friend and lover :)
Three) Embrace what I can't change and just roll with it
Four) NEVER put myself down and always believe in myself
Five) Take time to breath and find peace
Six) Enjoy every moment of life.
Seven) Express gratitude, Joy and happy thoughts
Eight) It's okay to have a bad day
Nine) Smile always and make the most of it"

(Kit by Studio Calico)

I guess you can do this at point in your life, but I highly recommend reevaluating life often. It will help you cut down on stress and will make you a better person. Which can never be a bad thing ;)

Here's to 4 more months!

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Leslie said...

Yay for not caring what others think!
P.S. I officially joined pinterest and I blame you for it wasting all of my time! Really though, I never get bored of it.
P.S.S. Are you not a member? It never brought you up as my friend which is linked to facebook???

Mandy said...

Love this page and the story behind it! Didn't realize it til now but we're only 5months apart. My big day is in April.

Trine Brandt-Lassen said...

Good luck entering the 30s.It's not so bad as you might think (I've been 'in there' long enough to know...). And with your list you'll be more than fine :-)

Rebecca said...

Happy Almost Birthday! Love your layout. I loved turning 30. There was something very calming about not being 20 something for me.