Up so late for some personal time :)

Last night I was able to scrapbook with some papers I've been wanting to use for over a month now. We R Memory Keepers make the cutest stuff! I used their Retro Glam, Hippity Hoppity and Travel Light collections :)

Anyways, I started scrapbooking around 9pm and I guess I got really into it. When I looked up to see the time, it was 12:40am. It was so nice having some personal time. The boys went to bed on time and Jason went to bed early. I love quite scrapbook time! Can I get an AMEN on that?!

So this got me thinking...
How late have you stayed up scrapbooking? Or is it just me who loves the quite night to be crafty?

I scrapbooked these photos of our snow trip back in November.

I also made this little card :)
Just look at that delightful polka dot from Hippity Hoppity! It makes me so happy.

On Monday or Tuesday I'll share what I made with these GCD Studios Chipart piece.


Oh one last thing, tomorrow Anna Griffin will be on HSN and she'll be showing a ton of my work. Make sure you check your local HSN schedule :)
Happy Friday everyone!

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Heidi Van Laar said...

Hmmmm, let me think...yeah I've been known to stay up late now and then ;)

Jamie Harder said...

Definitely!!! I am hoping to stay up LATE tonight to get a bunch of scrapping done:-) :-) LOVE your layout!!

Rebecca said...

Love your layout!

I have been doing the LOAD Challenge with Laine Ehmann since May 1st. I haven't gone to bed before 3am since I started! I think I am the slowest scrapper ever, but the "me time" has been worth the rough mornings. :)

Casey Wright said...

You can definitely get an AMEN from me! Late night scrapping is the best and I usually stay up late by myself to scrap at least twice a week. It's so nice for it to be quiet and to know that there won't be any interruptions. I'm hoping to stay up late both nights this weekend to celebrate NSD and Mother's Day! I think the latest I've stayed up is 2:45am :)

Leslie said...

I'm behind on my blog reading because we've been out of town. Love the lay out you did with Mariah and I. As far as staying up late to scrapbook...for me it hasn't happened. Sleep is my #1 priority at all times!

Leslie said...

Oh, and the hair is straight up awesome!