He loves meat

I didn't think it would be fair to share my story without telling you about Jason's side lol

Jason LOVES meat and the poor guy puts up with me all the time. I love him for supporting me. I don't mind him eating it, I just don't want him to bring home fish or seafood. Oh, or cook in my meatless pan :)

Here is one of his favorite burger hang outs. It's the very first Tommy's and is located in L.A. CA.

This guy loves meat so much that he eat the CRAZY MEAT. I often think "What did I get myself into???". He loves Turkey gizzards! I've tried to cut off his source (which is my mom at Thanksgiving), but she says "Let him be!", so he has won that fight.

I love you Jason and even though I give you a hard time about the meat in the frig, you rock my world :) Thanks for understanding my brain and my crazy ideas, because we all know that I have many of them. I can't believe we are about to hit our 10th anniversary. lol When we first got married I had no clue that I could get past cooking chicken and tuna with rice, but I have (sorry for all the gagging while I cooked it).

Today I realized something... you must really love me, because you married a vegetarian in despite of how much you love it. Thanks for sticking with me and the many burnt and uncooked meatie dinners.


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Mandy said...

This sounds like my hubs and I right now. He loves his sugars and junk but I'm on a diet that takes all sugars, gluten, starches, dairy, additives etc out so that I'm only eating fresh foods like meats, veggies and fruit. It's been a bit to get use to but we're getting the hang of it now. We are also about to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary too.

AnitaRex said...

This post made me laugh! :>