What is wrong with me?!

Today I was looking at my 1000's and 1000's of pictures and I noticed an issue!

I do not have a single recent picture with my Dad or Mom.

I feel so blessed how quickly my Dad recovered after open heart surgery last June and here I am not taking advantage of our time together. I hear stores of friends that lost their fathers or mothers and not having a recent photo with them. So I know better, but for some reason even with this knowledge I haven't been better at the picture thing with them.

So I'm adding it to my list. Next week... get photos with Mom and Dad :)

Oh and Mom, I know you are reading this so make sure you tell Dad.


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Leslie said...

Wasn't your very last post about your mom? Jk! I feel the same way. I don't take near enough pictures of Mariah with family members.

Magoo said...

what a great reminder- my dad is gone but my mom is still here. Getting my camera out.... :)