A fun start to December


Last Saturday Jason and I decided to drive up to the snow. We live about 2 hours away from REALLY great snow, so we packed up the boys and drove out there.
Our new odyssey has a temperature tracker in it and it was fun watching the degrees drop. As we got closer and closer to the snow, it went lower and lower and for the first time ever I experienced "my" coldest temperature....

holy moly 31 degrees is so cold.
We drove into the mountains and found fresh untouched snow. The boys loved every little moment of it and I took so many fun pictures.
I built a snowman while the boys were sledding Photobucket
and after that, we had hot chocolate and cookies.
We left as the clouds rolled in (which happened really fast) and at one point I had to drive really slow, because I/ we couldn't see anything.

I was bummed that I still haven't seen snow fall, but maybe someday soon

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Michelle said...

Oh Heidi, 31 is not that cold!! LOL That is a warm winter day up here!! Want to come back to Mpls?? They are predicting our first bout of sub zero temps, not windchills, but the actual temp below zero. Yuck! I have lived her most of my life, and still not used to it! LOL I think I need to move to Cali!! Get the mild temps year round and can drive to the snow whenever I want it!! :D

Shemaine Smith said...

What a great photo of you and Jason! Love your snow day post!