A dream come true

My whole life I've had curly...curly hair!
I am the only one in my family with hair like it and I've heard all the jokes of "mom with the milkman" to "are you adopted?".
I hated it as a kid, but luckily fell in love with it as a teen/adult. Now I feel that it defines me :)
When I was younger I had many people try to straighten it and all of them failed, so I just gave up on the dream of "just one day with straight hair". Just so I could see how it would look.

Well, about 4 days ago a friend said "I KNOW I can get it straight and I want to try".
I said "I'll let you try, but I don't think it's going to work!"

After almost 3 hours I went

Yes people... it can be done!
And this girl with such a simple dream can NOW check another goal off my list.
Today is a good day!

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akissonthechic said...

Oh my goodness, you look GORGEOUS darling!! We could be sista's for SURE now! Like the color, the cut, everything!!! Have a GREAT Saturday.... xoxo

JennV said...

Beautiful hair! This makes me smile because I have a friend with hair just like you...when we were in high school a bunch of us girls would all gather around her and straighten her hair together. And it would always take several hours! :)

Amy Heller said...

How beautiful! What fun to have the ability to transform your look completely and look equally gorgeous BOTH ways!! ;) Enjoy your new do!

KateB said...

Heidi-don't kill me, but I'm more of a fan of the curly hair! Change it back!!!

Lauren said...

Wow wow wow.

You and your hair look amazing! :-D

Leslie Davis said...

How fun to have your wish come true. Looks great both ways!! Now that is done will you do it again?

Christine Middlecamp said...

Love it Heidi! I'm a fan either way my friend..though I do highly admire the dark color. Really, really beautiful on you :)

Kristin said...

Soon you will have a system and will be able to do it in less than 3 hours and by yourself :-) I love being able to do both...it's a major blessing!

You look great!

Grace Tolman said...

I think you look great with curly or straight her. I do have to say that the darker her gives you that sultry edge! *wink* love ya friend.

Elizabeth said...

It is absolutely gorgeous Heidi!!!!!

Windy Robinson said...

You look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!