Wish for no turbulence

Tomorrow I fly to Scrapfest...
Tomorrow I'm wishing for no turbulence...BECAUSE IT HATE IT!
Tomorrow I will finalize my stuff to teach 60 ladies and a Make and Take...
Tomorrow will start my fun with many talented friends and laughing....


I will be teaching this
and this make and take at the crop around town for more info go to GCD's Blog

When getting ready for my class I decided to hire my Niece and Bryce, to help kit everything. I want everything to be perfect so I over saw everything. It was so wroth the time.
I bought a few new things for my trip just because I felt like it.
I bought these cuties for $40
I just thought they would be comfy for my trip.
Well, that's it for now. I truly am wishing for no turbulence! lol
I'll report back later.
I've scheduled a few new posts for you all while I'm gone :)

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Scrap Candy said...

I've always dreamed of making it to ScrapFest one year!! But September stinks for me with a new school year barely under way!! :( my friends that do go I always tell them to drop a note in the suggestion box to move it forward or back a few weeks!!

Can't wait to see how much fun you have!!!
(love the new boots)!!

Gwendolyn said...

LOVE those boots!! I've been such a huge fan of boots lately.
Good luck at Scrapfest! and on the plane... :)

Debbi said...

Have fun.....I bought 3 of Melody Ross necklace kits at Archivers in St. Louis yesterday. I hope to try some of the ideas that have been posted this month. I'm wanting to make one for each of the girls in my family. Then I'll go get one for me. Have a safe fun trip