A year in a Box- Baby Shower Gift

you guessed it, this was mine from SYTYC


I go to a lot of baby showers and well...
I thought this would be a great gift.
I bought a wooden box from my local craft store (Michaels) and painted it white.
It had this cool/cute chicken wire at the top I just loved!
I then customised the design of this oval, butterfly and circle on the top of the box, using the Chipart tool by GCD Studios.
I used the name Joy for my friends baby to come :)

Inside this box you'll find 13 cards that have pockets and flaps, with a lot of fun little surprises.
I made one card for when the baby is first born and the other 12 for the 12 months in a year.

I cut the main papers for each card down to size first, to make sure they fit and then embellished them.


Each card asks a special question, the weight, length, for a photo and what the baby "likes" and "doesn't like" for that month.





As you can see, I made each card totally different. Which I think makes them really fun to look at.


The 11th month is my favorite.

For the last month, I created more spots for photos. It's almost a little book for the baby's 1st birthday party.

I hope you find inspiration from this little box and please do share if you make one :)
All of the papers and most of the embellishments are from American Crafts

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Debbi said...

This is too cute. I'm hosting a baby shower Aug 7....wonder if I could get this done by then. Thanks for sharing

Michelle said...

This is great. Wow, you are very creative. What a wonderful idea and a precious gift. Thank you so much for sharing.

ania said...

Such an amazingly wonderfully executed idea! Might need to steal it, just need to find the right box! :)

Kelly Noel said...

this is absolutely adorable!! love it!

Renee77 said...

This is an awesome gift any mother would love!

nerllybird said...

Wow! What a fantastic idea, and a wonderful gift. I have quite a few of the AC baby papers; I'll hang on to them now, ready for when someone has a baby. Can't be long, seeing as three colleagues have just got married! :D