Busy as a Bee

This week:
  1. Finish class for my Oregon trip next week- Done
  2. Finish display items for Oregon trip/show table (7 items)- Done
  3. Finish HSN stuff for Anna Griffin (date of show July 19th)- Waiting on the box and hopefully will finish tomorrow. I have to make 6 layouts and 6 cards- Not done
  4. Help Bradley study for his 100 words spelling test tomorrow-1/2 done
  5. Clean our home before tomorrow- I'm worried about this one!
  6. Plan a date night for Saturday, for Jason and I- We haven't been on a date in almost a year
  7. Pack for my trip, because I leave early Monday morning- not done
  8. Do some work for GCD Studios before my trip-Not done
  9. grocery shop, so the boys and Jason have a full refrigerator-I will do this tomorrow
  10. Finish Bradley and Calvin's birthday party invites- 1/2 done

So about number 10 on my list...

Most of you know that I'm a crafter and I love small details, but most of you don't know that I'm a "spaz about parties". I LOVE THEM!! I love planning them!! I love making the food and decorations! I love making my boys feel special on their birthdays! I love it all!!!

This year Bradley(birthday June 20th) and Calvin(birthday July 25th) are sharing a birthday party. I have been planning for the past two months and am coming close to the finish line. I hired a Balloon lady and a magician. I have spent way to much time on the invites and will be giving them out tomorrow. You will see me post about this alot for the next two weeks and I'll have fun photos to share.

Today, I'm waiting on a box of stuff to finish the invites :) but here is part of the invites so far.


They will be going into these boxes.


I order 50 10inch pizza boxes and will fill them with fun things.

Like I said... I'm a spaz.

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Cheryl Nelson said...

What a busy and fun mom you are!! Good luck with your list!! Move that date night with hubby to #1on the list...you all deserve a night on the town together! Hugs, Cheryl

Keshka said...

How fun! Looks like it will be a great party!

Shemaine Smith said...

Oh man being a crafty Mom sure is fun. You have no idea how much your kids will love you for these memories later in their lives. :)

elissa said...

Where are you teaching in Oregon? I live in Oregon and would love to come to your class if I could.

Queen of Paper said...

It's a class for "stores". Basically one company brings in a lot of "paper manufactures" and all the local store owners come and take the class. It helps them sell the product :)

That would be fun if you could come, but sadly it's not open to the public :(

I'll post lots of pictures of it though.

Julie said...

I don't think you're a "spaz". I think you're AWESOME!! I hope you share what everyone's getting in their box.

Leslie said...

You are going to Oregon! So jealous!!! Take me with you.
I'm sure the party will be awesome and worth all of the hard work.

Lauren said...

I'm sure your hard work will pay off in the end!

Keep prioritizing and crossing completed projects off your list! :-)