Almost done and which craft is mine?

Talk about a PACKED weekend.
I'm almost done with everything on this list. I'm feeling nerves about flying tonight, just because I don't fly all the often. I arrive in Oregon at almost 10pm. Which means, the next day will be ran on little sleep.

Here is my list as of now. Hopefully before I leave these will all be done.
  1. Finish class for my Oregon trip next week- Done
  2. Finish display items for Oregon trip/show table (7 items)- Done
  3. Finish HSN stuff for Anna Griffin (date of show July 19th)- Not done
  4. Help Bradley study for his 100 words spelling test tomorrow-Done
  5. Clean our home before tomorrow- Done
  6. Plan a date night for Saturday, for Jason and I- Done
  7. Pack for my trip, because I leave early Monday morning- 1/2 done
  8. Do some work for GCD Studios before my trip-Done
  9. Grocery shop, so the boys and Jason have a full refrigerator-Done
  10. Finish Bradley and Calvin's birthday party invites- Done

Have you heard of "So you think you're crafty!" ???

I'm playing this term and it's so much fun!!! Can you guess which one is mine? I can't tell you which one it is, but make sure you vote. GO HERE


OKAY... I'm off to pack for the trip. I chat with you all when I get back. Happy Monday :)

P.S. Here is the invite finished :)
and Bradley taking them to his friends


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deana said...

Your invitation idea could NOT be any CUTER!!! :-)

Keshka said...

Oh goodness, what a cute invite! I'll come:)

Meagan said...

Party time!! It is so ON!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

OH MY GOSH. Your invitations are the cutest things I've ever seen! SOOOO clever! WOW!

Shemaine Smith said...

Wow, those turned out so fantastic! I love the pic of Bradley.

Shemaine Smith said...

These turned out so darn cute...love the popcorn in the box! Nice pic of Bradley too!

Rbarakat said...

That is so super cute!!!!

Pam Callaghan said...

Hey H!! Are you home yet? I was thinking of calling you, but I wanted you to spend time with boy and dh!! Give me a call tomorrow if you are around!

Sarah said...

Your invitations are adorable!
Congrats on being chosen for a SYTYC audition and best of luck! The competition is super fun... hard work, but fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
-Sarah from Create Studio