Because of her....

I learned how to sew when I was 6
I learned how to do calligraphy
I learned how to make fresh bread
I learned how to paint
I learned how to be a good mother
I learned how to be kind to others
I learned the importance of life
I learned I'm a daught of her and of God


Thank you for taking care of me this week. My family survived because of your motherly kindness! I love you sooo much! You mean the world to me and you help me be a better mother!

I'm grateful for everything you've ever taught me and will someday teach me! You are my hero! Thank you...Thank you... THANK YOU!

Your #6th child :)

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Keshka said...

What a sweet post! Out of curiosity, how many kids are in your family?

Cheryl Nelson said...

hugs to your mom!

mrydjeski said...

This is totally not related to your post--but in choir I stand next to a wonderful lady named Penny. I told her I loved scrapbooking, and she told me her sister is a BIG scrapbooker. So I was very pleased to find out that a scrapbooker I admire (I've seen tons of your work in magazines--the latest Tips and Tricks, for example) is the sister of my sweet choir friend! What a small world!