WHY I love photography

This past few months I have stepped away from my photography side a little.
I think it's because I mainly take photos outside and I get sick during the winter.
Anyways, on Friday we helped plant and garden in Nana and Pappys back yard

While gardening at Nana and Pappy's I took a LOT of pictures of the boys having a blast and getting durty.


Later that day I picked up my niece Emily and she came over to spend the night. The next day we went shopping for her early birthday gift and took 16th birthday photos. All of the photos are on my facebook account (if you want to see more)


Anyways, this weekend reminded me WHY I love photography and I look forward to a photo shoot with Mira tomorrow. Plus now I have MORE photos to scrap! It's a win...win!

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Sarah Mullanix said...

it's so true...absence makes the heart grow fonder!!


Laura Davis said...