Simple things make me happy

I'm a no fuss kind of gal. When you keep life easy... there is so little stress!
Because of this I find joy in the simple things.
While grocery shopping the other day, I found these flowers and they made me so happy I bought them!
I love fresh flowers in our home and they smell so good.

This layout was made using a lot of different products. A new fun find is...
Love My Tapes


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Jingle said...

This is such a great layout! I love the clean lines! They make me happy.

KateB said...

it is a requirement for me to have fresh flowers every week...they are inexpensive and a treat to myself for the kitchen AND in my bathroom. :)

Julie Bonner said...

I just put out some daffodils the other day - I love how flowers brighten up the whole feel of a home :) Fab layout - love how you used that tape :)