makes me feel safe
makes me feel loved
makes me feel Happy
makes me mad from time to time lol
makes me a wife
helps me be a good mother
supports my crafty side
listens to me talk and talk
is hard working
is a GREAT Daddy
makes me laugh... more than anyone else
is my everything!

I love you Jason!

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Nitasha said...

supersweet...you should so scrapbook & frame this post!

Mary Jo said...

(just a lurker) but had to say, you really look beautiful together. You can tell how much you love him in this photo :0)

KimR said...

Great tribute to your DH!

Pam Callaghan said...

you guys are seriously cute!! What a sweet photo!! I love how blue your eyes are in this photo Heidi, secretly I am jealous of you blue eyes!! :D :P

Mary Martha said...

hello hello! good to hear from you. Great meeting at the show. It's my fav. time of year. hope all is well