A place of my own

Someday, I'll have my own room again... Someday, I'll have a place for everything....but for now, I'm grateful I have this closet! lol


Here it is girls, where I scrap!
This is as messy as it gets! I hate working in a messy spot!!
The "flower" box holds all my Anna Griffin goods, the "stamp" basket holds ALL of my embellies, and the scrapbook suitcase holds all my GCD stuff. You've got to have a system right??! lol

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Elizabeth said...

I love your little space! When we lived in England, I scrapped out of our closet! It was big enough for a desk and all of my stuff too. I truly loved that little space! It was functional, and worked for me! I love my new bigger space a lot, I feel blessed but there are times where I think the smaller space worked better for me. Everything was much more organized and I knew where everything was!

Hope you have a great New Year!!!

Donna VW said...

I am encouraged by your little space. Sometimes less is more. I have a room, but that just means more to mess us and more to clean up.