I bombed P365 2009!

Last January I set out to do Project 365 (you take a photo for each day of the year).
My online BFF Emilie has totally rocked it! I wish I could say the same thing, but a month into the challenge... I got sick and forgot one of the days and then, it went down hill from there (Please tell me I'm not the only one)! lol

Anyways, It's not like I stopped taking pictures. I take them just about everyday, but I'm sad I missed this goal. Lucky me that New Years.... comes every year! So here I go again.

It's on Ahern lol!

You are my roll model friend and this coming year... I Heidi S... will not bomb P365 2010!

Here are a few Favorite Calvin photos :) just because he's crazy cute and sassy in every way possible! I love your curls Calvin!


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janis said...

ooohhh he's a cutie indeed!!!!

thanks heidi for dropping by at my blog!!! and here's to wishing us goodluck next year on our P365 2010!!!!! ;o)

~Lori Roop (loree2000 SCS) said...

LOL....thank goodness for January 1st...or all of us would be in trouble!!

What adorable pics of Calvin! I wonder where he got those cute curls?? ;)

Elizabeth said...

Heidi what cute photos! I also bombed BIG time the 365 thingy. I found it hard to take photos daily because I had too. Even though I take them everyday!! LOL. Weird I know...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was a pleasant surprise! :)

Hope your weekend is blessed!

Cheryl Nelson said...

good luck with your goal Heidi! I didn't even attempt it. Lovin those cute photos of Calvin!!

Rbarakat said...

That calvin is a cutie patootie Heidi!!

Vanessa said...

He is so cute, Heidi! I hope you received my email, thank you for your comment on my blog! Have a great weekend!

akissonthechic said...

I bombed it too and it's ready to go for 2010, so we'll have to encourage eachother!! I didn't even put a single picture in my P365 so it's all nice and fresh for 2010!! Hope all is well with you girlfriend, it sounds like your having a GREAT Christmastime! Love ya, Laura

Angela W said...

I have missed a day here or there this year. This is my first year of doing the 365! I just sub in other pics if I happen to take multiples on other days that I liked. Don't be hard on yourself! ;)