Dang it!

I have been making fun of this "cult following" for sometime now. I didn't understand the appeal to it! So... about a month ago I added the movie to my Netflix list and forgot all about it. Then about 2 Wednesdays ago.... I got my new movie. When I opened it... I saw "Twilight" and thought "oh crap!"

Later that day I sat down with Jason to watch it and DANG IT... I actually liked it! A LOT lol
Now I want to see the new movie! Anyways... there I'm now saying it... YES... I like Twilight and I want to see the new move! I'm such a sell out lol!


By the way... you can see this layout in the Nov issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine :)

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Chris said...

The book is SOOO much better than the movie! Just sayin'... :)

Love the layout!

Jenn said...

I agree with Chris. The book is way better! I actually hate the character that plays Edward (even though I loved him in Harry Potter). The book Edward is so much cuter (at least in my head). But I'm sure reading the book you'll totally picture Robert Patterson instead of your own Edward.

Sue said...

LOL! I felt the same way..had ZERO interest in it..but then was "forced" to watch it with my step daughters this summer..I loved it! I'll wait for the new one on DVD, though....too funny! I thought I was the only one who had no interest in that movie left in the world!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

You MUST read the books. I DEMAND it :)

So I'm looking closely at the photo of Twilight you posted, and my eyes might be going bad, but I swear that girl on Robert's back is totally a stunt double! Funny that someone got a picture and posted it online.

That layout is stunning!

The Gillette's said...

You should read the books-there so much better than the movie! I'm hoping New Moon movie is better but then again you can't ever compare a book to a movie :) Welcome to the club. :)

~~Mia~~ said...

OH yay, welcome to the Twilight cult!!!! (I am a die hard Team Jacob follower and Jacob Lover....yes I am sick...LOL)

The books are def better ~ I've read all 4 twice, seen Twilight at least 100 times, bought it the day it came out and have gone to New Moon in the theatre twice! LOL

Oh boy, so anyway, your blog is awesome and I am adding it to my blog list RIGHT NOW! Thank you for the visit and the very sweet comment :) :) :)