Our Poor Pappy!

On Monday, Pappy had his surgery. It took 2 1/2 hours to pull out a very large tumor wrapping around his kidney. It was way bigger then they thought and it took two doctors to get it out.

Anyways, we went to visit him today and the boys were so happy to see him. For those of you that are not family... you might not want to look at this photo. All of Pappy's Grandchildren want to see the incision, being that they live away from him. so... brace yourself.... Here it is....

lol and now... here is a CUTE photo of puppies, to help you get over that last photo!

and here is a layout I made :) I think most parents might relate to this layout!

Pappy, we are happy you feel better and everything went perfect! We can't wait to see the jump again :)

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cheryln said...

hope Pappy has a very speedy recovery! he and your family are in my prayers...hugs!

Sharon said...

We are sorry to hear about his surgery. Hope that he recovers quickly!

Grace Tolman said...

I'm glad that your dad's okay. That's very awesome that they were able to get the tumor out. That tube sticking out of your dad reminded me when I had my appendix burst.
I hope he recovers well.
take care my friend.

LotsToScrap said...

Wishing you all a speedy recovery from surgery and stress! I just love how you included a puppy picture to "make it better."