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I'm a big fan of infomercials and last week I saw this! I laughed sooo hard. In a way, yes it's a good idea... IF YOU LIVE IN THE GHETTO OR THE HOOD! I hope the people that thought to buy this... don't have kids or grand kid! Ummm... so not safe!

Also, If you are a big fan of WOOT like we are... Woot now has a new site Kids.woot.com

They sell awesome kids toys for WAY LESS! You gotta check it out

Oh and here is a little card I made from Anna Griffin supplies :)

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Jenn said...


nancy said...

Love that adorable little elephant on the Anna Griffin card!

And that informercial... OMG! That's hilarious!! Dan and I are both laughing!

Emily Pitts said...

that's terrible! the card makes up for it though :) adorable!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Oh my god....I almost spit out my coffee!!! Seriously OFF-THE-CHAIN hilarious!!! Gotta show that to the hubs tomorrow. LOVE your blog!! Fabulous projects!

Anonymous said...
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