So you think you can dance

Saying I'm "just a fan" of So you thing you can dance... doesn't even come close to how I really feel about it!

I started following the show during season 2 and it's been a joyful ride each new season! Last night was the first show (of the contest portion) and I enjoyed every minute of it (Season 5). This years dancers are CRAZY TALENTED and I'm hooked to the end!

Here are a few dances from the past few seasons, that I loved!


P.S. Go to the bottom of my blog to turn off the music... before you start watching :)

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cheryln said...

I am a HUGE fan of So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!!!!!!! Who can possibly go home tonight?!...they were all AMAZING!! Best season EVER! So dang much talent! Can't wait to see the rest of the season!!

erin said...

oh, how i LOVE that show~
i've watched it since benji won, he is from the same town my cousins live in. his family is very sweet.
this season just might be my fave yet...cannot quite imagine anyone leaving tonight.

Shemaine said...

Heidi I loved the clips you posted last season and I'll enjoy watching them this season too. These dancers are so amazing!

Karidan Kaye said...

I am also a huge fan!! Favorite performance would have to be to Neyos we gotta make it work!! LOVEDD ITT!!!