Hello Larson Family

Yesterday, I had a chance to hang out (for an hour) with my brother rob and his wife's family.
I think they are all soooo funny and I love spending time with them.
Here are some photos I took of their growing family.
Cindy and her Mother
My Brother's children
And then there's this photo... Jeff... goofing around lol
P.S. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my cars battery dying lol

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cheryln said...

what a beautiful family....love the photos Heidi!

Leslie said...

Yay! Now that I have a blog I can leave comments on yours. I don't expect to be as good and creative on my blog as you are but maybe I'll at least be consistent in posting.

Shemaine said...

Oh friend what fun we had at the convention yesterday. Good thing I drove huh... LOL