Our Saturday in Pasadena

Saturday was a day filled with fun in Pasadena. After I finished a 7:30 am photo shoot with a sweet couple, we hopped in the car and headed there.

It takes us about 20 mins to get there, but on this day we hit some major traffic and it took more like 35 mins to get there.
I love the drive there because we go through these 3 beautiful tunnels

Once we got there, we stopped for lunch at a new place. It is the funnest little Italian Resturant filled with old funny artwork and even a few nudie things here and there. lol! I'm now calling it the nudie resturant! When walking to your table, you go right through the kitchen. SO FUN!
Oh and they even had a room filled with Pope things lol.
Once we were done eating we went shopping :)
We found this great store called 'The Paper Source'. OH MY WORD... I'm in love and I found some fun new paper, that's wrapping paper. It's the most beautiful wrapping paper and I plan on cutting it down to 12 x 12 in size... so I can scrap with it!
We stop in a Barnes & Nobles and I found the new Card Creations. This is my little card, oh and you can see it here :)
Later in the day we went to Dots, The cupcake shop. We got cupcakes for the boys and then we walked over to another candy shop to buy a YUMMY candy apple. Oh sweet heaven it was good!
A few favorite photos :)
All of our shopping bags :)
It was such a great day and the weather was so perfect! I give this day an A+
Here is the photo shoot from this morning. I just love Maternity photo shoots.

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erin said...

sounds like a fun day:)
i love the paper source, we've many around us up in the bay area. if you're ever up here, i'd be happy to show you:)

Elaine said...

What a fun day! We have a Paper Source here in Seattle (well actually it's in Bellevue, but same thing)...and a great cupcake shop (several of them actually)...my favorite is called Trophy Cupcakes (a fitting name). I think you need to come up to Seattle for a visit!! :) Just not next week as we will be in Santa Barbara...
I would even take you to the best places to shop and take pics...your hubby wouldn't like me very much though...I seem to make enemies with husbands after they find ouy what us girls have been up to! :(

cheryln said...

what a fun day!! I love living the California life vicariously through you!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Fun stuff to look forward to!!!

Shemaine Smith said...

Ohh you found Buca!! When I get home friend me and you and the amazing shops in Santa Monica/Venice ok!Sat on the front porch of my mom and dad's tonight and watched the fire flies dance...too cool.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I didnt get your email address!!!