So Different

From day one (starting in my belly) Bradley and Calvin have been so different. Today I thought I'd post these memories so I'll never forget.

So sweet and clam in my belly.
Never cried and went to sleep easy
Never had the terrible 2's.
Talked at an early age
Is now so sensitive and thoughtful
loves to help
loves to play with others
Loves to snuggle
Is super sweet in everything he does
Was overly active in my belly
Smiled in the hospital
Never wanted to lay in his own bed
Wouldn't go to bed before 2am from the age 0-6months
Talked at an early age
Loves to play by himself
Hates when people hang all over him
(but he love to hang on everyone lol)
Is always getting into trouble
Is super sassy in everything he does.

Can you tell the difference? I can! I have done nothing different. I've raised them both the same from day one, yet somehow these two are so different. I love Calvin's wild side and Bradley's sweet side! I never thought that I would have 2 sweet little guys with such different, fun, and big personalities. I am enjoying this ride 100%.
I remember my mom telling me "you and your 5 sibling are all sooo different" and now I understand what she meant. I LOVE these two boys! LOVE THEM! They make me laugh hourly and some days I want to pull my hair out! lol
I think the best part is that these two are so perfect for each other (almost an opposites attract). They are becoming BEST FRIENDS and I love watching them grow close, and seeing them be brothers.
I haven't posted anything scrappy in a while and I thought I'd post this. This was a trip we took to UT last summer. It was such a fun trip. Oh the paper is from GCD Studios :)

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Sarah Mullanix said...

I LOVE their differences! I have 2 girls that are complete opposites in looks and personalities...it's what makes it all sooo much FUN!!


Kirsten said...

love these boys, too....hope you're feeling better -we missed you the last couple weeks...maybe I'll have to run over sometime soon:)

Jenyfur said...

What a great layout - terrific design.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.