Old School Type

When the computer became a more and more popular thing to have, the typewriter became as the dinosaurs... lost, forgot and unwanted! I myself never forgot about them.

I'm not sure what family member it was, but I remember going to a home and playing for hours with an old black and heavy typewriter. Sadly I didn't inherit it and I'm now on the hunt for an old school typewriter. I just want it to say that I have one. It doesn't have to work :) I just want one for decoration and keeping the memory alive.
Here are a few things I found around the web that I want to buy. Things that make and help me remember.

Aren't these magnets so CUTE?! These would be so cute on my refrigerator.

I LOVE THIS Graphic TEE! AND IT'S IN YELLOW???!!! I'm going to buy this tomorrow! I can't wait! S for Sonboul ;)

I don't often have cash in my pocket (because I always use my ATM card), but I would do it just to use this money clip.

What a cute idea to make prints on your dinner napkins!

I would love this in a LARGE print to hang in my scraproom!

I'm not a drinker, but these would be so cool to have at a party! SO COOL!

Getting something like this in the mail would make me smile! Shut up! A Pink Typewriter?! LOVE IT!
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Sarah Mullanix said...

That pink typewriter may be the cutest thing ever!!!!