Happy New Year :)

New Years for our family was nice and relaxing. This is something that is rare! Once the boys were sound asleep Jason and I watched two movies, which were Indiana Jones and In American. I hated Indiana Jones, but LOVED In American!

I haven't posted in a few days because I've been making some new changes, to my daily posting :) which you'll hear about tomorrow, but for today I'm playing catch up.

On Christmas morning we packed up everyone in the car and headed over to the family we were doing Secret Santa for. Funny enough, they figured out that it was us the first night!
This Month I was asked to be a Guest Design Artist at Kraft Girls http://kraftgirlkits.com/

Thanks Pam for picking me :) Her Jan kit is to die for.

This past Tuesday I had a photo shoot with an Eagle Scout named Steven. He is such a great kid!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see my new posting schedule. Happy New Year everyone!

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Lydia said...

happy new year! Congrats on the G.D.T over at KGK! Pam's kits are fabulous :)!