Real friends bring food to you!

This week leading up to Christmas was super busy and I was sick the whole time. Meagan (my bff) called twice this week and said "I've got a few extra hours and I was wondering if I can bring food over to hang out?" My response was "heck ya you can"
It's always fun hanging out with this girl, but the fact that she brings food over... makes her even cooler! Thanks poof!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi !! Sorry i havent stopped by in a bit, i have had alot of issues with my youngest, i have high hopes for a better Oh Nine !!

Anyways, dont ya love good girlfriends ?! And ones that bring food no less ?! That is awesome, i hope you are feeling better !!


Karen said...

What a friend!! If I lived closer I would bring food and hang with both of you!!! FUn tImeS!!!!

ania said...

Hey Heidi, Happy New Year and thank you SO much for the Christmas-card that made it safe and sound all the way here :) *hugs* Hope you all are better now :)