I'm feeling Wicked!

Last night Jason's dear friend Mike and his wife Iris gave us two tickets to see Wicked. OH MY WORD.... I LOVED IT!!!!! The costumes, stage props, songs, and lighting were spectacular! There was one part in the 2nd act I thought was just fluff and I could have done without, but the rest was amazing! The two lead singers had such Strong voices.

Now for the funny part....I almost got kicked out lol! There are NO cameras allowed, however I got mine out and that's when the usher walked up to me.
Usher Said " Maam, I'm going to have to ask you to DELETE ALL THE PHOTOS OFF YOUR CAMERA".
I very quickly came back with
Me" I can't! I have a family Christmas photo shoot on here, but look I'll take out my memory card RIGHT NOW"
I then threw my memory card down in my purse.
Ushers said "Don't turn it on again!"
LOL and I didn't, BUT I walked away with my photos ;) Sometimes you have to live on the edge a little.... for the sake of scrapbooking.

PS if you are a Wicked fan, I've added 3 songs to my play list. Enjoy :)

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Grace Tolman said...

you naughty little thing. LOL. I'm green with envy! I've been wanting to see that too but just not in the cards. Oh well. I'll just live it through your eyes. Take care and hope you have a great holiday season.

Jill Deiling said...

ive always wanted to see wicked, im so glad you got to see it and thank goodness the usher let you keep your pics! lol. i know what you mean about the whole cleaning thing, i havent felt good for these past couple days and my house is dirty again. i wish things would just stay clean, darn it!

Jaime Lynne said...

This is my favorite show in the whole wide world! And I love this theatre. I snuck some pictures, too, so I can't judge you too harshly. So glad you got to experience the wonderfulness that is "Wicked."