Calvin Strikes Again

Most of you don't know Calvin in person, but let me say this... THIS kid never stops running and never stops breaking stuff. I love his little lion soul, but this time his curiosity got the best of him.

While I was at the temple, Calvin went into our room (We have a baby gate that keeps him from going into the front room. He can only run from our room to his & Bradley's room), found Jason's glasses and did this. Jason told me he got a long time out. What you also don't know is that Jason CAN'T SEE without these glasses! Poor thing spent 40 mins walking around the house, looking for his old pair. What Jason didn't know was I found Calvin the day before playing with the old pair of glasses and I put them up on my scrappy desk.

By the time I got home all was well. Thank Heavens! lol! So, Yesterday I went to see if we could get them fixed or buy the same frame and guess what... they discontinued the frame.

So one thing is for sure... AT LEAST MY LITTLE CALVIN IS SO CUTE... that even his breaking glasses won't make us give him up. I love you Calvin! You sassy soul!

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1 comment:

Shaela said...

oh no! I have a little boy like that too - and I've been the one wandering around the house looking for an old pair of glasses too, lol!