Private Party for 14

Happy {LATE} Labor Day. Sorry for not posting on Monday, but it was a day off from blogging. Jason, the kids and I were invited to swim the day away at my BFF's {Meagan} parents home. It's SUCH an amazing home. The kind you would see in a magazine.

Anyways, it was a party for 14 people/kid and 3 dogs. When we showed up the first the few minutes of being there was hard. Bradley and Calvin were both afraid of the 3 dogs, but after an hour they finally warmed up to them and had a great time.
LOL Tod's son Adam thought Bradley's name was "Rodney" and called him it a few times. That is until he heard me say Bradley.

Here are a few group photos I loved

Meagan and her Mom. Don't they look so MUCH alike?!!!

Me and Bradley

Meagan and Calvin

Me and Meagan

Diann relaxing and tanning
Calvin giving Parley P. Pratt a kiss
At the end of the swimming Meagan title Nicole "The Summer Queen"...soooo, I just had to make her a crown. LOL sorry Nichole for polling out some hair while putting it on you.

Once we all got out of the pool, everyone went inside to eat some more. There was so much yummy stuff to eat and I'm blogging this to report that I DIDN'T cheat my diet! I was good the whole day. {go me!}
On the way home we saw the most beautiful sunset, the Sky was Plum and Orange. The moon was out along with 2 stars. It was a perfect day spent with great friends.

It makes me think how Blessed we are that god puts friends in our path :)


PS Check out tomorrows post to see what my FAVORITE FALL COLORS AND THINGS ARE...being that summer is OVER! ;)

Here is a hint... I LOVE FASHION!

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