Life goes on...

...without Chocolate and sweets!
The first week was super hard, but now that I'm almost done with week 2 I find myself not needed it as much. Since Monday{8/18/08} I've lost 12 more lbs. Thank HEAVEN because leaving Chocolate behind WON'T be worth it, if I didn't see some results in a few days.

Aren't these chocolate shoes so delightful?! LOL you can look good and taste good all at the same time.

Last Friday when I went grocery shopping it was the hardest time. I hate how at the check out lanes the just have the candy waiting there for you... as if you forgot to grab it in the store. Just look how pretty they rap them up. darn them!!
To get my mind off of the chocolate and sweets, I started to go through all of our clothes and the boy's toys to donate them. This Saturday we are having a church D.I. bin, so this is good timing for us to clean stuff out of the closets.

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Hysteri-CAL said...

OMG - how cruel creating chocolate shoes ..... I NEED em !!!!!

Good luck with losing weight - however, I think you're gorgeous as you are !

Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Emilie Ahern said...

Left you some serious love on my blog. Go check it out!


- Loves, Em