Parental guidance and a give away

For anyone that knows me...knows I'm a spaze about what I let my kids watch! They stick to
Noggin, PBS, TLC {in the morning they have Magic School Bus} and Sometime Disney {In the morning}. What they can't watch is Sponge Bob, Lazy Town, and pretty much anything I think is on the crazy side or they can't learn from. I know most of you out there think I'm crazy, but let me just say this... because I've made sure that Bradley and Calvin get only the best T.V. time... I feel that they are smarter and sweet because of it. So, here are some shows we do love

and now for the give away! The first person that can name all of these shows...I'll mail them a small gift from my stash :)

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Stacey said...

That would be me!!! lol
Max and Ruby, the Upside Down Show, Blues Clues, Go Diego go, Arthur...lol
My dd who is 4 only watches Noggin

Stacey said...

Ohhhh I am a dork...you said ALL the shows lol!!!!

Stacey said...

ok...um my kids helped me a little...
The Little Einsteins; My bad dog Marley?; Me and my Big Sister Charley; Curious George
wow that is 3 posts for me...lol isn't that extra credit?? hee hee

Queen of Paper said...

LOL your close but the dog one is wrong.

Jason said...

I suppose I don't qualify for this one? bummer. We need more scrapbooking supplies. :-)

Love you.

Sassy Sasha said...

WASSUPPP Girl .. how you doing, girl you beat me to the punch, I was soo planning on hitting you up on your blog before I left to go out to dinner, cuz I am like WHATT I get to work with HER .. girl thanks for the bday shout out .. and I am glad I was able to take you back down memory lane LOLOL ...when I saw your name I was like umm is that who I think that is .. lol .. heck I have torn pages out of magazines to be like .. how she do that LOLOL .. girl stalker I know .. okay so wassup girl .. I like that you choose what you want your kids to watch, I am the same way .. so you keep on makin it do what it do boo, and in the END that is all tha matters.. love it girl .. Girl I love me some Diego lolol


Jenn said...

ok here it goes.....

The upside down show
Charlie and Lola
Go Diego Go
Max and Ruby
Little Einsteins
Curious George
Blues Clues
Martha Speaks

I have little ones too! hehe

Stacey said...

AHHHHH my daughter told me wrong!!! lol
oh well!! hee hee
Love Jasons comment!! lol sounds like my husband!!