Hello Brown

So, last Tuesday I was walking around Target and I thought... "I'm sick of being blond! I need a hair change!" AND SO... I went for it. While dying my hair, Bradley said "you look like a dirty man". This is because dying my own hair is pretty messy {when it's really long}.

Once I was done dying it, I styled it and took some new pics of myself. I then sent the photos to my Emilie Ahern { My sista from another mother and father LOL} and she loved it, but her daughter said I looked like "Geston" from Beauty & the Beast. LOL What's up with the kids thinking I look like a man?!

Regardless of what the little ones think and their true honesty, I love it! I'd like to thank fall for this, because it always makes me want to warm things up... from my clothes....right up to my hair color!

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Lana said...

I LOVE the brown!! Super cute! And with the curls & your green ribbon it has a sexy-irish think going on! LOL :)

mae mae said...

Hey Heidi! I happened to stumble upon your blog the other day and I must say I love your creative ideas and LOVE the new hair color.

-Katie Wood

Stacey said...

OHHHHHHH I LOVE it!!!!!!! It looks fabulous!!

NICOLE said...

love the photos, very cute and also those flowers on that layout are so very pretty!

pepsigirl said...

Heidi! LOVE you in brown hair! It's adorable!!!!!