We heart camping!

This past Friday and Saturday we went Camping at Table Mountain, with our dear friends The Horrocks family. We had the best time with them and here are a ton of pictures to prove it.
When we first got up there we started to set up the tents. We didn't have a tent big enough for our family so a good friend let us borrow one. LOL When we opened it up we found out that it was a metal pole tent. It took forever to figure out how to set it up. Like an hour!
While we were up there I caught Calvin many times taking other peoples drink's. This one was my drink
Sweet little Lily helped me start a fire
We had hot dogs for lunch. WELL LOL, they had hot dogs for lunch. I had a hot dog bun with mustard/rice and cheese! (being that I'm a vegetarian) It wasn't my favorite meal, but dinner made up for it. Veggies, rice, cheese and french fries. Everyone else had chicken in their mix
On the back side of our tent there was this small dirt hill. Our 3 boys had the best time sliding down it, over and over again
Calvin taking Thatcher's drink
Calvin getting a new drink
Bradley and Thatcher had the best time getting dirty and being boys together. I love how these two play.
After everything was put together and lunch was in our bellys... Sophie, Lily and I played "SORRY"
Calvin taking Daddy's (Jason) drink
Calvin taking Bradley's drink (keep in mind that I giving Calvin drinks all day long and he still keep taking EVERYONES drinks. He is such a little fish)
Once it got dark we had the best time making s'mores and popped popcorn
When getting the boys ready for bed I was amazed how much dirt came out of their pants. I could have made my own forest with it all (...hehe)
I love this photo of my boys after they fell asleep. As soon as they both laid their heads down they were out! Like record breaking times
In the morning I woke up to this crazy sounding bird, that was in the tree above my head.

After breakfast they kids played hide and seek while Chad, Emily, Jason and I packed up everything.

A small lake near by

One the way home we stopped off to do a hike. After all... what is a camping trip without a hike?! It was such a pretty view at the top.

Anyways, that is our perfect camping weekend in a nutshell. We had the best time camping with our friends and we had some yummy food! I hope if time will allow it, you might get in some camping time this summer!

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The Gillette's said...

How FUN! It was nice chatting with you at church. We definitely need to get together sometime. Hey send me your email so I can add you to my blog since I'm new to this and still trying to figure this out...lol...!

Jenn said...

I totally miss camping this year. I'm too nervous to take Zack at such a young age. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. (and i din't know you were vegiterian!)