A scrappy visit

First off I wanted to share the lo I did with all of the slip and slide party photos. I love American Craft papers

This past Thursday I had the chance to meet with Grace Tolman (Scrappy Grace) and Deborah Mahnken (DeborahM-Mom of Two) in my home. We first all met at Scrapbook.com and have spent the past 3 years getting to know one another. Then last week Deb emailed me saying "I'm coming to your town" I was so excited that I called Grace, who was 30minutes way (and for some reason we still haven't gotten together to scrap LOL) to come over too.

They both were here around 9am and it was so much fun to watch our 6 children (combined) play as we all talked. I must say it was a great talk. We talk about everything scrappy under the sun and I enjoyed every second of it. We had lunch and around 12pm we said our good byes (being that Grace's kids got up at 5am and Deb had more plans). I can honestly say I love these girls. So beautiful, so cool AND THEY LOVE TO SCRAP LIKE ME!!!

Thanks Grace and Deb for stopping by our home!

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Deborah Mahnken said...

What a blast!!! I've got to come to Cal more often. And I've got a few pics to share, too... as soon as I get them off my camera ;)