A little down time after a long weekend

On Saturday I felt like I was running all day. I taught a Make and Take at Strictly Scrapbooking (LSS) and while there I had two sweet ladies come in looking for someone to help them. They wanted to make invites for a bachelorette party. Knowing what they had in mind, I offered to make them and this is what I came up with. They also wanted place cards for the party and note cards for the invite (inside). Later in the day I made dinner for church members that were sick and dropped it off on the way to our sweet friend, Lily's baptism. After it was all over we went out to dinner with her and her family.

By the time Sunday rolled around I was ready for some down time, BUT we had a bunch of stuff to do at church. Jason had a meeting in the morning and later I taught my class and then ran over to primary to help Bradley with this talk. Oh and get this, when I left Bradley did the sweetest thing ever! There is a little girl in his class who as cold and Bradley (all by himself) took off this suit coat and gave it to the little girl, so she wouldn't be cold. Isn't that so sweet?!!!

If you'd like to play a round of boggle yourself here is a online link to play.
So by the end of Sunday Jason and I decided to play some games. we played "Kings in the corner" (card game) and Boggle. MAN, I could play boggle all day long!
Anyways, that it's! One long weekend and Monday is finally here. LOL Thank Heavens!

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Emilie Ahern said...

Why are you such a GENIUS??!!!

That card and gift set are to DIE FOR!!!
I am in awe of you...oh great one.

Sassy Sasha said...

Love that ... you are so RAWKIN .. love it

ania said...

Wow LOVE the bachelorette-stuff?!?!??? WOW!! :D And the colors!! Perfect!