Support Pam Callaghan in a walk for Autism and win the Lisa Bearnson new book!

I just found out my dear friend Pam Callaghan is doing the Autism walk. I just went and donated to this fund!

here is what she sent to me in an email...

"Hi all. As most of you know, Sean has Autism and so we have a long history with it. I am going to walk for Autism. Please visit my page for more information about our story and how to support me as I raise money for Autism Speaks. It's all about early detection. Please read about how much progress Sean has made at this site. You can also see a cute photo of him taken recently!

Also if you know of anyone else that would be willing to support me, please forward this email to them!
thank you so much!!
Pam, Kevin and Sean Callaghan"

I hope you find the time just to donate what you can. it's a very safe site and it's for a REALLY GOOD CAUSE!

I'll tell ya what, ever person that donates at lest $5 I will enter their name into a drawing for the new Lisa Bearnson book that comes out this May!!!! The lucky winner I draw will have it shipped asap! on me :)


you'll have until May 5Th to have you name entered :)

Remember don't forget to post your name here once you've donated.

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Pam said...

Thanks so much Heidi, it means so much to me!!! :) :)

Jason said...

You kind and giving heart is one of the reasons I married you. You are AWESOME for doing more than just giving and leaving it at that. I know how late you stayed up spreading the word to help out your friend and the cause.

There is definitely a special place in Heaven for you. Hopefully I will get to share it with you someday.

Pam said...

:) :) Jason is sooooooo sweet!! so are you!!

KateB said...

Heidi-Pam is one of my favorites on scrapbook.com so I know I'm late but I donated $ 20 on her behalf today!

kateb a/k/a mizzkb00